Here’s How To Make A Wedding Video More Than A Wedding Video

how to make a wedding video

Here’s How To Make A Wedding Video More Than A Wedding Video

What purpose does a wedding video serve?

Maybe it’s just for the memories.

Perhaps it’s to ensure the bride and groom don’t miss anything, on a day that can go by in the blink of an eye.

Or, maybe they want a reminder of the love their marriage sparked to support them in tougher times ahead.

Those are great reasons, but they’re also largely rooted in the VHS era of wedding videos – an era where wedding videos were exclusively for the couple. And while that might remain the status quo, we wanted to ask if there could be a higher calling for these types of love stories, as well?

Many weddings are as much for the community of friends and family as they are for the bride and groom themselves – could the same be true for their wedding videos? If people are willing to travel hundreds or thousands of miles for a love so compelling, might it also serve as inspiration to what’s possible if we share the story of that love with all?

First we have to answer some questions: How does a wedding video live on to become something greater than a keepsake for the bride and groom? How can it go on to inspire hundreds or even millions of people?

This is not simply capturing a single event on film, this is in-depth storytelling about the love of two people captured a way that’s more like a mini-doc then a recap video. And in order to tell that kind of story you have to start in the realm of relationship.

'Till The End of Time from Empact Labs on Vimeo.

This is one of the biggest and most intimate moments of many peoples’ lives, so right off the bat it’s important as a filmmaker to honor and respect that you are being trusted to show up in a highly vulnerable environment for everyone involved. One of the subtleties of your job is to reflect what you see through your lens in a way that uplifts and contributes to the moment, by sharing your awe and wonder with the people who inspire it.

But in order to make something truly unforgettable you also have to be willing to go where most others won’t. Are you prepared to ask relative strangers questions that penetrate far beyond the surface level? Even at times producing tears, in order to demonstrate the depth of connection and community that surround the couple? Are you willing to gently expose and shine a light on both the highs and the lows that the couple has endured so as to make a living reminder of their strength and commitment to one another? The defining moments that turn a simple wedding video into a love story are not for the faint of heart, yet they are also often worth more than the entire fee for the work you’re doing!

In addition to asking the tough questions, it’s important to establish a “bigger picture” view of any relationship in your video. Just as people form companies to take on work that they couldn’t do alone, so too do people come together in relationship for something bigger than themselves.

This is a fact that is often lost with time or forgotten in the heat of the moment, and it is important to be able to revisit it in both good times and bad, in sickness and in health. Why did they decide to spend the rest of their lives together? What was the impetus to make such a momentous commitment? This is where, as a filmmaker, your curiosity and storytelling acumen will shine by allowing you to unearth and weave together a story that is only written on the hearts of people it lives inside of.

Finally, as in any film or documentary, a story is not complete without paying extra special attention to context. This includes, of course, the wedding venue and location, but also special details that show where the love story actually lives. Places like a favorite restaurant, park, or cafe that the couple frequents, or the home they share can help add layers of depth that transform a narrative into something real. However, the most important contextual element is, without a doubt, the community of people that surround the bride and groom. It takes a village to nurture a relationship and a tribe of people who are willing to stand for it in moments where it may feel impossible for a couple to do so themselves. Making sure to include interviews, well wishes, insights, and congratulations from important people in the couples’ lives helps them (and everyone) to remember that no one ever has to do it alone!

When wedding videos include elements like this, they can transform into powerful works of art that communities of people can look to for inspiration and hope for years to come. Love is timeless and wedding stories can take on lives well beyond their original inception. As filmmakers we have the privilege and responsibility of bringing to life the possibilities we see in the world, and we couldn’t imagine a more worthy place to start that conversation than with LOVE!

Love begets only more love and it’s certainly something we could all use a little more of! Click play on the video above and don’t miss our latest love story on the extraordinary couple, Bear & Katiyana!

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