Bringing Standing Rock Activism To The Mainstream

CLIENT organizes collective impact campaigns, uniting humanity, non-profits & social ventures for global movements of good. UNIFY orchestrates Globally Synchronized Events that inspire community-driven action campaigns for world peace.


UNIFY approached us in September 2016 during the Stand Rock/North Dakota Access Pipeline protests in North Dakota. With private interest sponsorship, UNIFY and Empact Labs partnered to tell the story of the people, the protest, and the issues from the front lines.


Empact Labs and Unify spent a month on the ground supporting the cause as well as capturing the stories unfolding there in order to bring awareness and garner increased support from the rest of the United States and beyond.


As of March 2019, the original video has garnered more than 1.9M views and 43.2+ shares on Facebook alone.

Standing Rock Video Photo
Standing Rock Video Photo

Winter has now come to Standing Rock.


Sub-zero temperatures are a daily reality and the struggle for survival is real. The Natives of this land have lived here for centuries and the wisdom of their ancestors are showing us the ways to survive and strengthen our resolve.


The oil companies have decided to continue building the pipeline, despite being denied permission to do so.


Thousands continue to stay here committed to reaching victory. +2,000 Veterans have now joined to support, serve, and accomplish the goals of the Lakota in a prayerful and peaceful way.


We ask you to support Standing Rock. Take action in your city. Donate to projects on the ground. Sign petitions and make phone calls. Pray and meditate daily for the highest outcome possible.


This is one battle of many to come. A movement led by peace, compassion, courage, and fierce love for our earth and generations.


We hope you join us.




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