You Are Wealthy: Abundance Consciousness and the Gratitude Economy

You Are Wealthy: Abundance Consciousness and the Gratitude Economy

We live in a world full of ‘not enoughs.’

I am not pretty enough, smart enough, thin enough…

I don’t have enough money, enough time, enough space…

The world is not kind enough, just enough, or fair enough.

This is what the world looks like through the lens of scarcity.

Humans are brilliant problem solvers, with miraculous brains. Yet underlying our extraordinary cognitive capacity is an even stronger impulse toward survival.

While at one time our Stress Response System (fight/flight/freeze) kept us safe from ravenous lions in the bush, few such threats exist within civilization today.

And yet, survival is what evolution is all about, so while the big cats went bye bye, our brain’s hard wiring to identify threats in our environment stuck around and adapted to our newly civilized lifestyles.

Those lifestyles grew to become governed implicitly by various agreed upon norms and standards of behavior, and explicitly by our economic models; both of which have been driven largely by consumerism in the Western world.

Ultimately creating this insatiable drive to have more, be more, and do more. Or said another way…nothing is enough.

Now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting things or the acquisition of them. However, it’s the underlying belief system and the way we feel about ourselves as a result that often has a disastrous effect.

We wind up buying things in order to fill the holes in our aching hearts, to distract us from how we’re really feeling or to try and impress the people in our lives…because at the surface level we believe this will make the feelings of loneliness or sorrow go away.

When we embody scarcity consciousness, we signal to the world and to ourselves that we are not enough. That we don’t have what we need to thrive and be successful and that the only means to satisfy ourselves is to have more and be better.

This creates a self-perpetuating cycle that winds up being a drain financially and energetically.

So how can we escape if this is what we’ve collectively bought into at the societal level? How can we transcend our fear and become wealthy beyond measure?

Well to start, you are wealthy beyond measure.

The answer is wealth consciousness and the gratitude economy.

Wealth consciousness is the essential mindset informed by the beliefs that you always have exactly what you need, there is more than enough to go around and you will always be taken care of.

The primary difference between scarcity and wealth consciousness is simply the way the world is viewed and interpreted.

Scarcity does not necessarily mean that someone actually doesn’t have enough to take care of themselves, however scarcity consciousness often does lead to this. And wealth consciousness does not necessarily mean that someone is financially free, however embodying wealth consciousness often does lead to this.

The reason for this energy.

Everything in the known universe is made up of energy at its most fundamental level, and energy adheres to the law of attraction, meaning that like frequencies will gravitate towards one another.

So it makes sense that scarcity consciousness attracts a scarce reality, while wealth consciousness attracts a wealthy reality.

But if everything in the known universe is energy, including our unconscious thoughts and actions, what can be done to counter scarcity and cultivate wealth below the level of our awareness?

The answer begins with gratitude.

The practice of gratitude is like a miracle remedy for nearly all physiological, emotional and psychological ailments. Not a remedy in the sense that it can fix broken bones or a broken heart, but in the sense that gratitude can co-exist with such things in a way that allows one to experience them with a different mindset. And since it is our mindset that creates our reality, gratitude can help us manufacture the reality the most serves what we endeavor to be up to.

Authentic gratitude is fundamental to wealth consciousness because it gives us the power to see and find the value in everything, including the little things that often go unnoticed in our day to day lives.

When we can begin to see the tremendous gifts that we have; sun that shines, soil that bears fruit, lungs that breath, hearts that beat etc. we begin to realize just how rich we truly are.

What’s more is that while gratitude is the practice of cultivating wealth from within, it also paves the way for abundance and wealth in our external world as well, thanks to the law of attraction.

Gratitude is a high vibration emotion, one of the highest next to love, meaning that it’s energetic frequency would attract other high vibration frequencies. Have you ever heard the phrase, “when it rains it pours” or perhaps you’ve been “on a roll” before, both these adages articulate the law of attraction in action.

To understand how different frequencies feel in your physical reality, take a moment to think of something that makes you sad or sorrowful. Notice how that sad/sorrow feeling sits in your body or how it weighs on you. Now think of something or someone that you love or that makes you happy, hows does that show up in your body or weigh on you?

Higher vibration states, which often show up as feelings of lightness, expansiveness, airiness, tingles etc. attract more people, situations and experiences that are vibrating at the same or similar frequency.

So if you were to embody authentic gratitude to the point where you felt like you always had what you needed and were always taken care of, you would actually begin to attract a reality that would show up to take care of you even more.

While gratitude is certainly one important component in generating material wealth; the desire for material wealth actually, in many cases, begins to wane the more gratitude we have for what we’ve got.

If we began using gratitude as the basis for economic valuation within our everyday lives, we would undoubtedly spend our money more wisely, spend less of it in general, and require far less to be fully content and happy.

All of which also actually bring about a more abundant external realty.

While gratitude is one of the most impactful ways to shift from scarcity to wealth consciousness, here are a few simple tricks to help you create more wealth consciousness and abundance in your life:

  • Consult a Feng Shui master to help create a positive energy flow within your home.
  • Do a major closet clean/storage purge at least once a year (LA residents check out
  • Savor every bite of your food, eat slowly until full and don’t force yourself to finish your plate
  • Every time you hand over cash or a credit card to pay for something, take a moment to pause and create an intention for how you want your money to circulate (e.g. may this money bring joy and abundance to others etc)
  • Tip your servers based on the experience they provided you, not on the bill total
  • Meditate for 15 minutes and visualize money flowing out of your right hand circulating throughout the cosmos and flowing easefully into your left hand.
  • Have sex on a pile of money
  • Tell people, and things you are grateful for them on a daily basis
  • Do something special, kind and nourishing for yourself at least once a week

The more we feel fulfilled by the simple act of living our lives, the less we feel we need to change them…and ironically, the easier it becomes to do so.

Just remember, you are the wealthiest person in the world, and all it may take to see that is a simple act of appreciation, a thank you to yourself.

Arin Pitcher
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